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In order to use the Shawlandscarf webstore you must read and agree to our Terms & Conditions. They are for your protection and outline our obligations to you.


This Website is owned and operated by S&S CO ENTERPRISE (002944251-H).

These Terms and Conditions govern the use of the Shawlandscarf website ("Site"), the materials and information contained therein and related services made available to you via this Site. By accessing or using this Site in any manner, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not visit or use the Site. Shawlandscarf may from time to time change this Site (including these Terms & Conditions of use). Please read these Terms and Conditions and re-read before subsequent use. In the event of change(s) to these Terms and Conditions that you do not agree with you must immediately stop using the Site.

It is your responsibility to read and familiarise yourself with the Shawlandscarf  Privacy Policy. Shawlandscarf recognize and agree that the privacy of all personal information is important to individuals. All personal information collected to process and fulfill your order is to be minimal, private, correct, safe and most importantly in the control of the individual. 

We do not share any credit card information with any third parties, other than for the purpose of processing payments for the product you have ordered. We will only ask for and use relevant personal information necessary to conduct our business. All information collected for Shawlandscarf is for the sole purpose and use of Shawlandscarf . 

We will also share your personal data with relevant companies and organisations to the extent necessary for us to perform credit checks and you hereby consent to us so doing.